#1 Clean up Olympia

This section includes articles on why and how to Clean up Olympia & build a grassroots political coalition to restore local control of our public schools. I will use the Superintendent's office as an independent and objective source to expose corruption, clean up Olympia and restore local control of our schools here in Washington State.

A Crime Against our Children

Why the 2017 Levy Swipe is a crime against our children… and my plan to repeal it!

Seven years ago, a horrible crime was committed in Olympia, Washington. It was a crime not only against one million children who attend our public schools, and a crime against more than two million homeowners in King and Snohomish counties, but also a crime against several sections of our State Constitution.

To understand this crime, we need to go back to the crime scene and re-enact this monstrous theft – a theft I call the Levy Swipe. This crime occurred a few minutes before Midnight on June 30, 2017. A vote was called on House Bill 2242 – a last minute 120 page bill that was only published the day before. The bill called for billions of dollars in new State taxes – the largest tax increase in State history. The bill promoters falsely claimed it would provide enough revenue to restore teacher pay to what it had been 20 years earlier – when in fact it did not provide any additional funding for our schools. Instead, it protected billions in tax breaks for wealthy corporations.

A few Senators, who were friends of mine, emailed me this bill at 10 pm on June 29th and asked me to analyze it. I stayed up all night and the next morning I reported to them that this bill was a Ticking Time Bomb. I explained that it would cause a record property tax increase of billions of dollars on homeowners in King and Snohomish Counties just to protect billions of dollars in tax breaks for some of the richest corporations in the history of the world. I also warned them that it would not actually increase school funding but instead would lead to the mass firing of thousands of teachers all across Washington state. These Senators then emailed my report to every member of our Legislature that same morning.

Pretend for a moment you are in the Legislature and it is your turn to vote on this Levy Swipe bill. Would you vote for a bill that forced a record tax increase on millions of homeowners - and the eventual firing of thousands of teachers – all to protect billions in illegal tax breaks for the richest corporations in the world?

Neither would I. Yet I am the only candidate running for State Superintendent who opposed this bill. All of my opponents who were in the legislature in 2017 voted for the Levy Swipe bill. One of them, Chad Magendanz, actually helped write the Levy Swipe bill.


Sadly, my predictions about the Levy Swipe have been proven correct. Property taxes skyrocketed in King and Snohomish counties by 60 to 70%. Yet despite this record $2 billion per year tax increase, in 2023 and 2024, school districts all across Washington State have been forced to make more than a billion dollars in budget cuts. As a result of these budget cuts, more than 3,000 teachers will be fired – the largest mass firing of teachers in State history – leading to a significant increase in class sizes in school districts all across our state. In this report, we will review how the McCleary Levy Swipe bill, led to this disastrous mass firing of teachers – and explain how to prevent another mass firing of teachers from occurring again in the future.

How to cut our property taxes in half simply by honoring our State Constitution!

In this report, we will review how the unconstitutional McCleary Levy Swipe Scam doubled property taxes on homeowners and explain how we can cut our property taxes in half simply by honoring our State Constitution!

How the McCleary Levy Swipe Scam Increased Property Taxes on Homeowners in Snohomish County



How the McCleary Levy Swipe Scam Increased Property Taxes on Homeowners in King County



History of the McCleary Levy Swipe Scam

Would you like to know why your property taxes doubled in the past 10 years? Here is why: In 2012, the Washington State Supreme Court found that the Washington State legislature failed to fund our schools as required by Article 9, Section 1 of our State Constitution. At the time, Bill Gates and Microsoft were both getting an annual tax break of more than a billion dollars per year – and Washington was leading the nation in tax breaks for billionaires and wealthy multinational corporations. These tax breaks were clearly in violation of Article 7 Section 1 of the Washington State Constitution which requires a “uniform system of taxes.” These tax breaks also violated several other sections of the Washington State Constitution including Article 2, Section 28 and Article 1, Section 12 which states: “No law shall be passed granting to any citizen or corporation privileges or immunities which upon the same terms shall not equally belong to all citizens or corporations..”


But instead of repealing these unconstitutional billion dollar per year tax breaks, from 2013 to 2016, two of Bill Gates former assistants came up with a different plan. A Democrat Ross Hunter, and his accomplice, a Republican Chad Magendanz, came up with a plan to preserve the billion dollar breaks for Bill Gates and Microsoft by massively increasing property taxes on local homeowners. Ross and Chad called their plan the “Levy Swap” plan. The plan was to increase school funding over 8 years by doubling property taxes on homeowners in King and Snohomish counties. Chad is quite proud of his plan. Here is a quote from his campaign website: “I was a lead negotiator for the McCleary remedy, which resulted in the State increasing its K-12 funding over 8 years by 105%.”
Here is a quote from his campaign flier “Magendanz is recognized as a lead negotiator for the McCleary school funding remedy that doubled state funding for schools over 8 years. “

I, David Spring, was the main opponent of their diabolical plan. I called it the Levy Swipe plan because it used a Shell Game to magically turn billions of dollars in local levy property tax funds into State levy property tax funds – without doing anything to address the actual underlying problem which was the billions of dollars in unconstitutional tax breaks. From 2013 to 2016, I wrote several detailed critiques of their plan explaining why it violated several sections of our State Constitution. I spoke with nearly every member of the House and Senate warning them of these problems.

How Mask Mandates severely harmed our Children

This is our second in a series of reports on the lies used by corrupt government bureaucrats to create fear in the months prior to the 2020 election. In our first article, we reviewed how the PCR test was deliberately misused to artificially inflate the number of false positive COVID cases by a factor of 30 to create an “emergency” when no emergency actual existed. In this article, we will review how these same officials used unscientific Mask Mandates to further increase fear. We will then summarize evidence that these masks mandates severely harmed our children. We hope you will share this information. It is time to hold these corrupt government officials accountable for the crimes they committed against all of us.

Reykdal has turned our Public Schools from a PCR Test prison to a Mask Mandate crime scene
On June 12, 2020, the Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction announced that cloth masks would be required in all school in Washington state when they starts in September – regardless of whether there is any risk of corona virus anywhere in the school district.


Reykdal repeated this order on July 29, 2021. Reykdal boasted that his school mask requirements were the “strictest in the nation.” Reykdal continued to enforce his mask mandate for a longer period of time that any other state in the nation. From March 2020 and through 2021 to April 2022, Washington was one of only 10 states to require mask wearing in all schools. The other 40 states either banned masks entirely or left it as a decision for the local school board.


Reykdal continued to enforce his mask mandates despite the fact that not a single child in Washington state has been documented to transmit the corona virus to a single adult.

Children are more likely to die from being hit by lightening while waiting for the school bus than they are from being infected by the corona virus while they are at school.

According to the Washington State Department of Health, there have been no fatalities due to the corona virus to any child under the age of 20 anywhere in Washington state:

How corrupt politicians misused the PCR Test to commit a horrific crime

Four years ago, our freedom was taken away from us and our children by an artificially manufactured emergency. The emergency was part of a war that uses monstrous lies to hide the truth. We are only beginning to learn the full details of this crime. We must fight this battle courageously, and we must win, for if we do not, our children will be subject to an age of oppression unlike any in history.

On January 20, 2020, the first COVID case in the United States was announced in Washington state. It was based on a PCR test called the Corman Drosten PCR test - a test that was not actually published until January 23, 2020 and was known even in January 2020 to be wrong 29 times out of 30. We will review the serious drawbacks of this test later in this report.

In March 2020, despite not a single case of any child in any school transmitting this virus to any adult, corrupt government bureaucrats claimed there was an “emergency” which required closing all of the schools in Washington state. The basis for this claimed emergency was that a few people had tested “positive” for the corona virus using a version of the PCR test that was specifically designed to create huge numbers of false positive tests. In this article, we will briefly review how the PCR test works and explain how the PCR test was misused to create fear and close schools in Washington state.

What we describe in this report is a monstrous crime scene. Those responsible for this crime need to be held accountable for the crimes they committed. They must be arrested, tried and put in prison. We must never forget the harm this crime inflicted on our children, our businesses and our families.

How the PCR Test Works
PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction. It was first invented in 1983 by Dr. Kary Mullis. Dr. Mullis was looking for a faster way to create or copy strands of DNA and RNA for use in genetic testing and genetic research.


His PCR process required heating up the sample in order to break each strand of DNA into two strands of RNA. An enzyme called Polymerase (the P in PCR) is used to make the copies of the RNA. Mullis originally used a normal Polymerase enzyme which needed to be continually added because it was destroyed by the heat. He then switched to a heat resistant enzyme called TAQ DNA polymerase produced by a heat resistant bacteria that lived in Yellowstone National Park to assist this PCR process. In 1993, Mullis won the Nobel Prize for creating this process.


Here is a brief summary of how PCR creates billions and even trillions of copies of an RNA strand. The sample is placed in a special chemical soup which uses the TAQ Polymerase enzyme or catalyst combined with Primers or RNA starting blocks that have been designed specifically to match with the regions of the gene you want to copy.

How We Can Clean Up Corruption in Olympia

When you have the lowest school funding and highest class sizes in the nation and highest school construction backlog in the nation - and also the highest corporate tax breaks in the nation, it should be obvious that there is a corruption problem with the Washington State legislature. Submitting a motion to repeal billions of dollars of illegal corporate tax breaks is only a short term solution to our school funding crisis here in Washington state. The long term solution is to clean up the corruption in Olympia. In this article, I will outline my plan for ending the corporate control of Olympia. If you agree that we need to end corruption in Olympia, please share this article with other parents and teachers.


#1 We Need a Superintendent that tells the truth about our School Funding Crisis
Here are just some of the urgent problems facing our kids and our schools as a result of 20 years of out of control tax breaks to wealthy multinational corporations:

#1 Class sizes in Washington state are among the highest in the nation and getting higher every year.

#2 Washington state has the worst school construction backlog in the nation - and it is getting worse every year.

#3 More than 100,000 students are spending their school days in unhealthy poorly ventilated particle board boxes - the highest rate of unhoused students in the nation.

#4 More than 500,000 students are spending their school days in buildings that do not meet either the health code or the earthquake safety standards - placing the health and safety of more than 500,000 students and 30,000 teachers and staff at risk.

#5 Despite this disgraceful $30 billion school construction backlog, our legislature has placed a "poison pill" in the annual appropriations budget prohibiting the Washington state Department of Health from doing school health inspections.

#6 Nearly half of all students in Washington state are living in or near poverty. About 80,000 students are homeless.

#7 Despite these shortcomings, our legislature recently passed a bill imposing the most draconian graduation requirements in the nation on our students.

#8 Our teachers have among the highest workload and lowest pay of any teachers in the nation. Teachers are leaving in droves. Who can blame them. They are forced to survive on the fourth lowest pay in the nation. They are forced to deal with the highest class sizes in the nation. They are forced to work in schools that do not meet either the health code or earthquake safety standards. They are forced to impose draconian tests on kids that are not valid, reliable or age appropriate. They are disrespected by the legislature and the corporate media. As a result of the mass exodus of teachers in the past 4 years, half of our schools no longer have enough math and science teachers. We literally have many classes with no qualified teacher at all!

#9 Every year the opportunity gap between wealthy schools and poor schools gets worse and worse.

#10 Students who manage to graduate, despite all of these obstacles, face a mountain of student debt if they even manage to get into a good college.

#11 It would cost more than $10 billion per year to address all of these problems. We need to double school funding. Yet no one in the entire state legislature has submitted a bill in the past 20 years to provide more than a small fraction of the revenue needed.

#12 Billions of dollars in tax breaks for wealthy multinational corporations are contrary to several sections of our state constitution.

These are facts that the Superintendent of Public Instruction should be reminding parents, teachers and voters of on a daily basis. Instead, our current superintendent as well as most of the candidates to replace him spend all of their time promoting a series of gimmicks that have no hope of addressing our school funding crisis. 

#2 We Need to Look at What Legislators Do - Not What They Say
Our state legislature consists of 147 people (98 Representatives and 49 Senators). Each of these 147 legislators claims that they care about our kids and our schools. Each of these 147 people has the power to submit a bill stating their solution to our $10 billion per year school funding crisis. They do not need to seek permission from anyone. Yet the brutal truth is that in the four years since our Supreme Court order the legislature to fully fund our schools, only two legislators submitted a bill that would have provided more than $2 billion per year in additional school funding. These two people were Senators Chase and McAuliffe - who sponsored Senate Bill 6093 - a bill I wrote which would have provided more than $5 billion per year in additional school funding by repealing a single tax break. The remaining 145 people all talked about how they care about our kids and our schools. But not one of these 145 people actually submitted a bill to comply with their Paramount Duty to amply fund our schools.

Yet year after year, parents and teachers keep voting for the same corrupt incumbents who created the school funding crisis in the first place. Ninety percent of all incumbents win re-election despite the fact that they violated their oath of office by failing to even submit a bill to fully fund our schools. Parents and teachers then wonder why our class sizes keep getting bigger and bigger while our corrupt legislature keeps passing more tax breaks for the wealthy corporations that paid for their re-election campaign.


Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was repeating the same mistake over and over again and expecting a different result. We as parents and teachers need to find a better way to determine who we should vote for and who will actually fund our public schools. We need to replace at least a few corrupt politicians to convince the rest that they will need to fully fund our schools and say no to corporate tax breaks in order to stay in office.


#3 We Need a More Accurate Source of Information about what is happening in Olympia
There is a related problem which is that parents and teachers do not currently have an accurate source of news to even find out about what is happening in Olympia.


Here is a graph of America's most popular news sources:


It looks like there are a lot of choices. But what they all have in common is that they are owned by, funded by and or controlled by a few billionaires. Media researcher Ben Bagdikian, has written several editions of a book called The Media Monopoly about the danger of the media monopoly for the past three decades. Below is a graph of his analysis of the consolidation of the number of corporations controlling the majority of the media in the US.


Instead of having lots of choices, what people really wind up watching and reading are the same phony marketing slogans repeated over and over again.


Consolidation of the media in the hands of a few billionaires makes it impossible for the public to learn the truth about the corruption that destroys our economy and our political system.

Not only has the quantity of sources plunged, but the accuracy of reporting also dropped as experienced reporters were fired and replaced by “talking heads” that do little more than repeat the press releases issued by their corporate masters.

The same powerful people who sit in the boards of the corporations of the military/industrial complex, the large banks, drug companies and oil companies also sit in the boards of the large media corporations. They have the power to hire editors and reporters who mislead the public and fire editors and reporters who tell the truth. Over time, this has led to the current culture of lies in the corporate news media.


Thankfully, the American people are starting to catch on to this scam. Gallup Polls used to show that two out of three people trusted the corporate media to tell the truth. Now, after decades of lying to the public, the majority of the American people no longer trust the corporate media. http://www.gallup.com/poll/185927/americans-trust-media-remains-historical-low.aspx

What is most encouraging is that only one in three younger Americans between the ages of 18 to 49 trust the corporate media. This means two out of three younger Americans are seeking alternative sources of information. These sources of information and new media are increasingly from independent online news websites. While the majority of Americans still get their news from television, in the past 10 years, Internet news websites have passed news papers as the Number Two source of news and information. We can should and must use the power of the Internet to break from from corporate domination of our elections.

#4 We need a Paramount Duty Report Card
To elect more responsible state leaders, parents and teachers need an accurate source of information about what is really going on in Olympia. We have an online school report card to learn the truth about our schools. I will use the Superintendent's website to create an online Paramount Duty Report Card to provide parents and teachers with an independent and objective source of information about the choices they have in each election. Voters can finally learn the truth as to who really care about fully funding our schools

As Superintendent, I will send every Senator, Representative and Candidate for the State legislature a questionnaire asking them how they will fund our public schools. We will then post their answers along with an analysis of every school funding bill on the OSPI website. Parents, teachers and concerned citizens can then search for information about candidates for the legislature by entering either their zip code to find the school district they live in and the legislative district they live in as well as who their legislators are and who is challenging them in the next election.


#5 We Need More Accurate Information on School Funding Options
To provide parents and teachers with information on school funding options, I will publish information about how much additional revenue is actually needed to fully fund our schools and the advantages and drawbacks of various funding solutions proposed by legislators and candidates for the legislature.


#6 We Need to Build a Coalition of the Caring to Support School Funding
I will also travel to every school district in the state to meet with parents and teachers to build a Coalition of the Caring to fully fund our public schools.

#7 We Need More Parents and Teachers to Run for Office
I will provide parents, teachers and students with online resources about how to run for office. Parents and teachers need to learn not only more about who represents them in Olympia but also about how they can and should run for office themselves. Together, we can, should and will expose corruption, clean up Olympia and restore school funding here in Washington State.

As always, I look forward to your questions and comments.

David Spring M. Ed.
Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction