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Please download any of my reports and share them with your friends and neighbors!
How to Restore Local Control of our Schools
This report explains my plan to restore local control of our public schools as is required by our State Constitution.
This report explains how corrupt politicians misused the PCR test to commit a horrible crime against our families and our children.
How Mask Mandates severely harmed our Children
This report explains how mask mandates have severely harmed our children.
This report explains how the McCleary Levy Swipe illegally doubled our property taxes and how we can cut our property taxes in half simply by honoring our State Constitution.
This is a one page flier you can pass out to friends and neighbors with information on why they should oppose the McCleary Levy Swipe.
A Crime Against our Children... How the Levy Swipe led to firing thousands of teachers
This report explains how the 2017 Levy Swipe not only increased property taxes on more than two million homeowners, it also led to the firing of thousands of teachers - increasing class sizes which were already among the highest in the nation! Please share this important report with your family, friends and neighbors.
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